McIntyre Falls 26/12/2004

Well, another year's end at McIntyre Falls. In the great tradition of many Christmases past a small group of us headed out to McIntyre falls for some climbing, swimming and deep water soloing. Unfortunately, on arrival we were greeted by a tremendous roar which turned out to be the river in full flood. Over the course of our stay, it was absolutely impossible to cross the river until our last day which severely limited our climbing objectives. On the plus side, we were still on holiday and out of mobile phone range.

With most of our usual haunts at the falls inaccessible, we were forced to seek out new objectives. Luckily, we turned up a decent quantity of outstanding granite bouldering. Ironically, most of the boulders we climbed on we had walked past scores of times in earlier years and ignored in leiu of the rock on the other side of the river.

So anyhow, the trip turned out very well with plenty of swimming, drinking and bouldering.

Movie of Mcintyre Falls

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All photos except the first and last two are compliments of Scott and Peta Hailstone

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